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XM-18SW Full Automatic Egg Incubator Controller WiFi Remote

XM-18SW Full Automatic Egg Incubator Controller WiFi Remote.

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Product Description:

– Full-color screen design is beautiful and elegant with vivid images.
– There are five types of incubation modes: custom, chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, and user can choose freely, using the latest microelectronic technology and new components.
– The microcomputer chip is adopted, which has strong anti-interference ability and high working stability.
– The temperature sensor uses high-precision sensors for high-precision temperature collection, the high-performance humidity sensor is used for high accuracy, which effectively ensures the stability and reliability of product performance.
– The user can sets the parameters such as the reference temperature, reference humidity, egg turning, and ventilation through the mobile client.


– Temp display range: 0-40.5℃
– Temp Accuracy: ± 0.1℃
– Humidity display range: 0-99%RH
– Controlled release accuracy: ±3%RH
– Number of output channels: 6
– Output power: 1000W for main heating, 800W for sub heating, 800W for humidification, and 500W for other outputs.
– The number of eggs turned: max recorded 999 times
– Egg turning cycle: 0-360min
– Egg turning time: 0-600seconds
– Ventilation cycle: 0-720min
– Ventilation time: 0-600seconds
– Measuring line length: 1.5m
– Working voltage: 220V/50Hz
– Relative humidity: less than 85%
– Ambient temp: 0-40℃
– There are two types of local hatching settings: automatic hatching and custom hatching.

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