Bread Board 1660 Holes With Plate and Connectors


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  1. 1660 Hole Breadboard,
  2. 0.8mm Wire Solderless Breadboard,
  3. Solder-Free Circuit Board for Experimental Test


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Bread Board 1660 Holes Description:

It is a 1660 Hole Breadboard.
There are many small jacks on the breadboard, which are specially design and manufacture for the solderless test of electronic circuits.
Various electronic components can be insert or unplug as need, eliminating the need for welding, saving circuit assembly time, and components can be reused, which is very suitable for the assembly, debugging and training of electronic circuits.

1).Easy to install and simple to operate.
2).Small in size and does not take up space.
3).It uses ABS plastic panel and tinned phosphor bronze contact piece, which can be use with confidence.
4).It can be recycled and is environmentally friendly.


1).Product Name:1660 Hole Breadboard
2).Two Terminal Strip Jacks:1260 jacks
3).Four Distribution Strip Jacks:400 jacks
4).Connecting Wire:20-29AWG
5).Support Voltage Range:300V
6).Support Current Range:3A-5A
7).Work Temperature:-25℃~85℃
8).Work Humidity:5%~95%RH

Bread Board 1660 Holes Operation Method:

There are several metal jacks connect to the conductive metal strip on the reverse side of the breadboard. They correspond to the small holes on the front. Therefore, when using the bread board ,you need to pay attention.

When inserting the component feet into the small holes, make sure that the component feet are inserted to the end (necessary Tweezers are need, especially when the integrated block is insert into the bread board, it is often easy to cause looseness.

At this time, the two rows of pins of the integrate block can be press closer to each other to firmly insert the small hole.

2.) The test point and the ground terminal in the circuit should be specially led out for measurement, otherwise the probe of the instrument is directly connect to the component foot, which may cause the component to be loose.

1).1pcs 1660 Hole Breadboard
2).3pcs Terminal
3).4pcs Rubber Pad


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