Soldering & Spot Welding

What is the difference between spot welding and soldering?
Spot welding is a type of welding that uses heat to join two pieces of metal together. Soldering is a type of welding that uses a filler metal to combine two pieces. Spot welding is typically used for thicker pieces of metal, while Soldering is typically used for thinner pieces of metal
What is soldering and welding?
In soldering, metal producers heat up the metal to be bonded but never soften them. In welding, metal producers melt the base metal. Soldering is most just like brazing since it uses capillary action to flow the metal into the joint untill it cools and hardens.
What is soldering used for?
Soldering is widely used in the electronics industry for electrical connections, such as joining copper to printed circuit boards. It is also used by plumbers to join together copper pipes. The reversible effects are why it is very useful in many industries, and you even see it employed in jewellery.

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