Development Boards in Pakistan

Development boards are generally customize by embedded system developers according to development needs.

Developers can also research and design a development board by themselves.

The development board is for beginners to learn the hardware and software of the system.

A basic integrate development environment, as well as software source code and hardware schematics, are available on some development boards. Common development boards are 51, ARM, FPGA, and DSP development boards.

In the general embedded system development process, the hardware is generally divided into two platforms, one is the development platform (host), and the other is the target platform (target), that is, the development board.

The development platform describe here refers to the use of a computer to connect to the target platform through a transmission interface, such as a serial port (RS-232), USB, parallel port, or network (Ethernet).

Development Boards in Pakistan

When the hardware and specifications are select, the next step is to enter the initial system development and establish a development environment. If the embedded operating system use in the project is not develop by yourself, most of them provide an integrate development environment (IDE) and emulator (Emulator). So developers can accelerate the entire development process.

When you get an operating system that has been port by the system manufacturer, and you are sure that you have given sufficient relevant information, you can perform integration actions for your target platform.

After the operating system is select, various development tools, such as compilers, linkers, etc., use on the development platform are usually specify.

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