HC-SR501 Human Body Sensor PIR


  1. HC–SR501 Body Sensor Module
  2. The human body sensor lighting industrial automation and control, etc. Ideal for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC and more.
  3. The automatic sensor: to enter the sensor output range is high, people leave the sensor range of the automatic delay off high, output low



PIR Human Body HC-SR501 Description:

Motion detectors PIR Motion Sensor HC-SR501 have found wide use in commercial applications. One common application is activating automatic door openers in businesses and public buildings. Motion sensors are also widely use in lieu of a true occupancy sensor in activating street lights or indoor lights in walkways, such as lobbies and staircases. In such smart lighting systems, energy is conserve by only powering the lights for the duration of a timer, after which the person has presumably left the area. A motion detector may be among the sensors of a burglar alarm that is use to alert the home owner or security service when it detects the motion of a possible intruder. Such a detector may also trigger a security camera to record the possible intrusion.

Many modern motion detectors use combinations of different technologies. While combining multiple sensing technologies into one detector can help reduce false triggering, it does so at the expense of reduce detection probabilities and increased vulnerability.[citation needed] For example, many dual-tech sensors combine both a PIR sensor and a microwave sensor into one unit.


  • PIR Motion Sensor HC-SR501 Description:

    • Product Type: HC–SR501 Body Sensor Module
    • Operating voltage range: DC 4.5-20V
    • Quiescent Current: <50uA Trigger: L can not be repeated trigger/H can be repeated trigger(Default repeated trigger) en.wikipedia.org
    • Delay time: 0.3-200S(adjustable) the range is (0.xx second to tens of second)
    • Block time: 2.5S(default)Can be made a range(0.xx to tens of seconds
    • Board Dimensions: 32mm*24mm
    • Angle Sensor: <100 ° cone angle Lens size
    • Diameter:23mm(Default)
      PIR Motion Sensor HC-SR501 Human Body Sensor 5v
      PIR HC-SR501 Human Body Sensor 5v

      These systems sense disturbances to radio waves as they pass from node to node of a mesh network. They have the ability to detect over large areas completely because they can sense through walls and other obstructions. RF tomographic motion detection systems may use dedicated hardware, other wireless-capable devices or a combination of the two. Other wireless capable devices can act as nodes on the mesh after receiving a software update

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