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UNI-T UTi220A Thermal Imager Camera


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UNI-T UTi220A High-Definition HD Infrared Thermal Imager Camera Floor Heating Detector Temperature Imaging Imager 300000 Pixels.

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Thermal Imager Camera UTi220A:

Thermal Imager Camera UTi220A UNI-T HD High Definition Infrared Thermal Imager Camera in Pakistan 220×160 ultra-high thermal imaging resolution, infrared thermal image details are more intuitive.
Uncooled focal plane sensor
-20 ° C ~ 300 ° C wide temperature range, more widely used.
Accuracy: ±2.0°C or ±2.0%
3.2 inch TFT screen function button, quick and easy;
With picture storage function, USB link computer supports direct save and export
Simultaneous temperature measurement at 3 points, rapid analysis of the highest temperature, lowest temperature, and intermediate temperature in real time.
5 swatches available (Rainbow, Iron Red, Cool, White, Black)
Emissivity adjustable (0.01~1.0) default 0.95
Built-in rechargeable 18650 battery Since thermal imaging cameras can “see” through darkness or smoke, they allow firefighters to quickly find the seat of a structure fire, or see the heat signature of visually obscured victims. They can be used to search for victims outdoors on a cool night, spot smoldering fires inside a wall

  1. 1. Cold Hotspot tracking2.
  2. Fast temperature capture
  3. 3. USB data transfer
    4. Highly sensitive sensor
    5. 3.2 inch screen display
    6. Adjustable emissivity
    7. Data storage

Comparison With UTi80..Thermal Imager Camera UTi220A


1. Cold Hotspot tracking2.Fast temperature capture

A thermal imaging camera consists of five components: an optic system, detector, amplifier, signal processing, and display. Fire-service specific thermal imaging cameras incorporate these components in a heat-resistant, ruggedized, and waterproof housing. These parts work together to render infrared radiation, such as that given off by warm objects or flames, into a visible light representation in real time.

The camera display shows infrared output differentials, so two objects with the same temperature will appear to be the same “color”. Many thermal imaging cameras use grayscale to represent normal temperature objects, but highlight dangerously hot surfaces in different colors.

Cameras may be handheld or helmet-mounted. A handheld camera requires one hand to position and operate, leaving only one free hand for other tasks, but can be easily transferred between firefighters. The majority of thermal imaging cameras in use in the fire service are handheld models.


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