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XH-M139 2.1 channel digital power amplifier board 12V-24V wide voltage TPA3116D2 2 * 50W+100W


  • Supply voltage: DC12-24V
  • Output load: 4-8ohm
  • Frequency response range: 14-100KHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB
  • Size: 100×70×30MM
  • 50x50w 100w



TPA3116D2 M139 Amplifier 12V Description:

The power amplifier board uses two original TPA3116D2 digital power amplifier chips as the core TPA3116D2 M139 Amplifier 12V, one for left and right channel power amplification, one with NE5532 front bridge drive subwoofer, with small size, high efficiency, high power and so on.

1.6mm thick double-layer circuit board, RF-4 dense glass fiber material, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, heat and moisture resistance, not easy to crack in the section, high dielectric properties, good sound quality will be outstanding when the material is good. The layout of the circuit board is beautiful, the components are selected, and the chip technology is adopt. Each plug-in is professionally hand-solder, and the process is perform without the flaw technology of the workshop.

TPA3116D2 M139 Amplifier 12V XH-M139 Amplifier Module
TPA3116D2 M139 Amplifier 12V XH-M139 Amplifier Module

M139 tuning board usage scenarios

Connect your mobile phone and computer at will

The power amplifier chip derive from TPA3116D2 will release the experience of tone power amplifier. This power amplifier has high pure digital resolution, dual configuration of power supply and audio, and it is convenient and quick to connect to computer and mobile devices.

Home theater sound field control

M139 tuning board, the maximum power of the subwoofer is 100W, with stereo adjustment, it can produce a shocking sound field and take you to the scene. Up to 1.2MHz switching frequency, greater than 90% power efficiency, the best choice for tuning boards

DIY audio speaker

The power is large enough and the sound quality is outstanding, it is worth DIY adjustable speakers. Those who like bass can be use, and those who like treble can also be use, satisfying various public and home audio-visual experiences

TPA3116D2 M139 Amplifier 12V Here are a few common causes of noise

Generally, the power supply and the power amplifier should be kept at a certain distance to avoid electromagnetic interference. It is best to use a high-quality power supply, and the power supply will be more stable. If a power supply such as a transformer is use, in order to prevent electromagnetic interference, it is best to cover the transformer with an iron cover. Following are common problem:

1. The power supply is unstable, or the power supply module produces interference

2. The impact of using a switching power supply as a power supply

3. Use a transformer for power supply without shielding and isolation to avoid interference

4. There is electromagnetic interference in the use environment

5. There is a problem with the audio input device itself

Software problem en.wikipedia.org

Audio driver settings affect and player special effects

Each power amplifier chip has its own unique sound field. If the sound card driver or playback software is set with sound effects, it will directly affect the sound quality of the power amplifier board. The simulation effects of some special effects software may also cause distortion of the power amplifier. It is recommend to turn off the relevant special effects software or sound card driver special effect settings when connecting to a mobile phone and computer, and then use the special effects after ensuring that the output effect of the power amplifier is not affect.

Product parameters:
Specification Model: XH-M139
Chip: TPA3116D2*2
Supply voltage: DC12-24V
Output power: 50×2+100W Subwoofer×1
Output load: 4-8ohm
Frequency response range: 14-100KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB
Switching frequency: 1.2MHz
Channel type: 3 channels (left channel, right channel, subwoofer)
Size: 100×70×30MM

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