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MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module 4 in 1 in Pakistan

MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module 4 in 1 Display Module Red Color with 5Pin Wire Suitable for Microcontroller.



Products Description:

MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module 4 in 1

100% brand new and high quality
A convenient four-wire serial interface can be connected to all common microprocessors. Each data can be addressed at the time of updating without having to rewrite all the displays. The MAX7219 also allows the user to select or not code for each data.
The entire device contains a 150μA low power shutdown mode, analog and digital brightness control, a scan limit register allows the user to display 1-8 bits of data, and a test mode for all LEDs to emit light.
Only need 3 IO port can drive a dot matrix! Dot matrix display without flicker! Support cascade!

Module parameters:
1. A single module can drive an 8 * 8 coin lattice
2. Module operating voltage: 5V
3. Module size: Length 12.8 cm X Width 3.2 cm X Height 1.3 cm
4. With 64 fixed screw holes, aperture 3mm
5. Module with input and output interfaces, support multiple modules cascade.
6. Light Color: Blue/Green/Red
7. Quantity: 1 Pc

Wiring Instructions:
1. The left side of the module to the input port, the right to an output port.
2. When the control of a single module, simply input port connected to CPU.
3. When a plurality of cascaded modules, input and output termination CPU, an input terminal of the second output end of the first module a module, the first two modules of the input terminal of the three termination modules, and so on.
Take 51 MCU as an example:
VCC → 5V
DIN → P2.2
CS → P2.1
CLK → P2.0


MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module 4 in 1


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