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MAX7219 8×8 Dot Matrix 4

MAX7219 8×8 Dot Matrix (x4) Red Display Module.



  • Four 8×8 LED Matrix Displays with 1.3″ high red displays
  • Built-in MAX7219 LED Drivers for each display
  • SPI 3-wire serial interface for easy hookup to MCU
  • Can daisy-chain multiple modules together for larger displays
  • The MAX7219 is a popular and flexible 7-segment, bar graph and dot matrix common cathode LED driver that supports many functions for controlling LED displays.

    The driver provides flexible individual LED control as well as basic functions such as turning the display ON/OFF and adjusting the LED brightness.

    The MAX7219 communicates with an MCU via a 3-wire SPI bus. Once the display is updated by the MCU, the MAX7219 then takes care of all the work of keeping the display refreshed, so it removes that overhead from the MCU which can be off doing other more important things.

  • 1 x 5 Header
    • VCC –   Connect to 5V.  Connecting direct to power supply rather than from MCU is recommended.
    • GND –  Connect to system ground.  This ground needs to be in common with the MCU
    • DIN –   Connect to any digital pin on MCU.
    • CS / LOAD – Connect to any digital pin on MCU
    • CLK –    Connect to any digital pin on MCU.

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