ZMCT103C 5A AC Current Transformer Module

5A Range Single Phase AC Active Output Onboard Precision Micro Current Transformer Module Current Sensor for Arduino ZMCT103C



Product Description.

  • 5A Range Single Phase AC Active Output Onboard is an onboard precision micro current transformer.
  • It is an onboard sampling resistor.
  • This AC current transformer module can be measured within 5A alternating current. And the corresponding analog output is 5A/5mA.
  • Its PCB board size is 18.3 x 17 mm.
  • Its rated primary current at 50/60 Hz is 5A.
  • Its maximum primary current at 50/ 60 Hz is 20A.
  • Its turn ratio is Np: Ns = 1: 2,500
  • Its current ratio is 5A: 2mA.
  • 155 ohm is its winding DC resistance at 20-degree centigrade.
  • Its accuracy @RL<= 10 ohm :2%.
  • Its operating temperature is -40 to 85-degree centigrade.
  • Its storage temperature is -45 to 90-degree centigrade.
  • Its dielectric withstanding voltage is 4000V / 1mA / 1 sec.

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