IR Obstacle, IR Sensor Detection Sensor Module in Pakistan


  1. Obstacle avoidance
  2. IR Infrared Sensor Module
  3. Reflective Photoelectric Light Intensity.



IR Obstacle IR Sensor Specification:

In robotics, IR Obstacle IR Sensor IR Obstacle Avoidance Detection Sensor is the task of satisfying some control objective subject to non-intersection or non-collision position constraints. What is critical about obstacle avoidance concept in this area is the growing need of usage of unmanned aerial vehicles in urban areas for especially military applications where it can be very useful in city wars. Normally obstacle avoidance is considered to be distinct from path planning in that one is usually implemented as a reactive control law while the other involves the precomputation of an obstacle-free path which a controller will then guide a robot along. With recent advanced in the autonomous vehicles sector, a good and dependable obstacle avoidance feature of a driverless platform is also required to have a robust obstacle detection module. 

Reactive obstacle avoidance is a behavior based control strategy in a robot. It is a task similar to the navigation problem and produces a collision free motion.

IR Obstacle IR Sensor Specification.

  1. Main Chip: LM393
  2. Detection Distance: 2~30cm
  3. Detection Angle: 35 °
  4. Working Voltage: 3.3V~5V
  5. Board Size: 31 * 14mm / 1.22 * 0.55in
  6. Board Weight(1pc): 3g
  • The output port OUT sensor module can be directly connect to the microcontroller IO port , you can directly drive a 5V relay ;
  • The module detects the distance 2 -30cm, detection angle 35 °, the distance can detect potential is adjust Can be use for 3-5V DC power supply modules
  • When the power is turn on, the red power indicator light
  • Using the comparator LM393
  • Interface :
  • 1. VCC: External 3.3V-5V voltage (can be directly connected to 5v MCU and 3.3v MCU)
  • 2. GND: GND External
  • 3. OUT: Small board digital output interfaces (0 and 1) en.wikipedia.org
  • Pins Description:

    •  VCC: 3.3V-5V external voltage  can be directly connect to 5v and 3.3v
    •  GND: GND External
    •  OUT: Small board digital output interface

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