MAX30102 Heart Rate Sensor Module

MAX30102 Heart Rate Sensor Module Pulse Detection Blood Oxygen Concentration Test for Arduino Ultra-Low Power Compatible with UNO.



Product Description:



  1. It uses standard I2C compatible communication interface, and can transmit the collected values to single-chip computer for heart rate & oxygen calculation.
  2. It can effectively eliminate the external and internal light resistance and has reliable performance.
  3. It can shut down the module through software ,the standby current is close to zero, and the power supply can always maintain the power supply state.
  4. It integrates a red LED and an infrared LED, photo detector, optical devices, and low-noise electronic circuit with ambient light suppression.
  5. VIN: Main power input 1.8V-5V
  6. 3-bit pad: I2C bus pull up level, you can choose 1.8V or 3.3V according to the pin master voltage.
  7. SCL: I2C bus clock
  8. SDA: Connected to the I2C bus data
  9. INT: MAX30102 chip interrupt pin
  10. RD: MAX30102 chip’s RD LED grounding terminal, generally doesn’t need to connect.
  11. IRD: MAX30102 chip’s IR LED grounding terminal, generally doesn’t need to connect.
  12. GND: grounding wire.

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