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0.36″Digital Voltmeter DC 0-30V 3 Wires With Shell Voltage Panel Meter LED Display


  1. 0.36″Digital Voltmeter
  2. DC 0-30V 3 Wires
  3. With Shell
  4. Voltage Panel Meter LED Display



DC Volt Meter 30V Description:

This is a mini DC voltmeter with LED display DC Volt Meter 30V . Thanks to the small dimension it can be easily integrated into your project. It has three wires , red and can measure up to 30V.  The voltmeter can measure up to 30V. If the actual measured voltage is higher than 3.5V and is lower than 30V, you can also merge the red and yellow wires and simplify the wiring like this.

In this case, the measured voltage will also work as the power supply for the voltmeter. This voltmeter has been calibrated before leaving the factory. However, if you want to get better accuracy,  you can calibrate it by spinning the potentiometer on its back. Spinning the potentiometer clock-wise will reduce the displayed voltage value.

  • DC Voltmeter: 0-30V.
  • Power supply: DC4-30V
  • Measuring range: 0-30V.
  • Measurement accuracy: ±0.1%
  • Refresh rate: about 200ms
  • Display: 0.36 “digital tube
  • Color: Red
  • Operating current: Less than 8mA
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 65°C
  • Input impedance: 100K
  • Display LED color – Red

DC Volt Meter 30V About

  • HIGH ACCURACY: The digital voltmeter is high accuracy, whose measurement range is DC 0-30V, could measure the voltmeter more accurate, helping to finish your work more effectively
  • Voltage meter has high brightness, the 3-digit LED display could show the readings more clear, allowing you to read clearly even in the darkness
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE: With external shell, which could prevent it from physical damage, and with reverse polarity protection, the digital voltmeter is of long service life, durable and practical en.wikipedia.org
  • With good stability and strong anti-interference ability, the digital voltmeter can be used to monitor the household voltmeter, also applied to other DC voltmeter measuring

Range DC 0-30V, 3-wire products Universal, to break the routine voltmeter, is the latest design, can work directly in 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V and other circuits, without regulation.

With three wiring, easy access to car /battery car / motorcycle-car line, with reverse polarity protection, line reversal will not burn. For monitoring the battery voltage, battery voltage state to grasp, it can also be used for other products voltage measurement purposes.

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