Resistive film pressure sensor FSR

Resistive film pressure sensor robot balance tactile flexible force sensitive FSR.


Model: RP-S40-ST
Material: polymer
Output Model Category: Analog Sensor
Sensor category: Pressure sensitive and force sensitive sensors
Working voltage: 3.3V
Sensors are widely used in smart ageing & medical, automotive (vehicle accessories), smart furniture and smart mobile devices.

    Product range: 20g-10kg,

The outer dimensions are 40mm*40mm.

Thickness : 0.45mm

Shape : Flexible

Actuation force : 20g Res.<=200KΩ

Sensitivity range : 20g to 10Kg

Resolution : continuous

Non-actuated resistance :>1M Ω

Response time : <10us

Operating temperature :-40°C~+85°C

Life time : Life time

Repeatability Same part: +/-3%, Average R@1000g

Repeatability part to part: +/-10% Average R@1000g

Hysteresis : +10%, @1000g (RF+ – RF-)/FR+

EMI : Generates no EMI

EDS : not ESD sensitive

Drift : <5%, 2.5kg load, 24H

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