LM393 3144 Hall Sensor Module

LM393 3144 Hall Sensor Module Hall Effect ​​Sensor for Speed Measurement Counter Motor Hall Effect Position Sensor.



Product description:

Module Description:
1 Size: 2.7 cm*1.4mm
2 main chip: LM393, 3144 Hall sensor
3 Working voltage: DC 5 volts
Module interface description (4-wire system)
1 VCC external 5V voltage
2 GND external GND
3 DO small board digital output interface (0 and 1)
Module Features:
1. With power indicator and signal output indication.
2. Single signal output.
3. The module has no trigger and outputs low level; the module has trigger and outputs high level.
4, the sensitivity is adjustable (fine adjustment).
5. There is signal output when there is magnetic field cutting.
6, the circuit board output switch, you can directly connect to the microcontroller or our relay module, buzzer module.
7, can be used for motor speed / position detection and other occasions.

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