PTC Heating Element 12V 80 WATT Heater For Egg incubators


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PTC Heating Element -80W DC 12V 220 Degree Consistent Temperature Ceramic Thermostatic.

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Product description:

PTC Heating Element 12V 80 WATT Heater

PTC Heating Element 12V 80 WATT Heater For Egg incubators.

​After heating power in electricity from small to large and small, stable in the end. Stable power related to the conditions of use, the same PTC heater, different using conditions, the power may differs a few times. The faster the heat dissipation is stable; the greater the power PTC surface temperature is higher, the greater the power. We note reference value range is the power of the actual application to power because of using the environment temperature, cooling conditions and different in many aspects.


​Product Name :PTC Heating Element 12v DC 
Size(Approx.) :50×15×3.5mm
Voltage 12 v/DC
Temperature:220 Degree Celsius
Heat Material: Thermistor
Heat Methods: Heating Conduction
Lead Wire: 150mm High Temperature Line
Surface Insulate: Yes

Extra Info:

  •  Use 12V 80W Heater Plate is use in a hair straightener Also
  • it is also use in the yogurt maker.
  • instrument humidification.
  • this 12V 80W Heating Plate Thermostat PTC Aluminum Electric Heating Element 80W is use for Chocolate execution.
  • it is also use in the coffee makers.
  • PTC Heating Element 80W DC 12V Consistent temperature ceramic Thermostatic is use in cars and components preheating.


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