5 Way Flame Sensor Module


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5 Way Flame Sensor Module 5 Road Digital Analog Signal Dual Output Fire Detection Sensor Module for Arduino.


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Product description

1\. It adopts five-way flame sensor design with wide detection range (the
detection range of common single flame sensor is about 30°, and the range is
gradually reduced with the increase of distance. The detection range of this
product is more than 120°)
2\. Can output digital signals (high and low level), easy to use
3\. It can output analog signals (voltage signals), which can measure signals
more accurately, suitable for high precision occasions.
4\. All five outputs have status indicators, which makes great convenience in
debugging or in actual operation.
5\. The digital output detection distance is adjustable, the analog output
sensitivity is adjustable, and the design is more flexible.
6\. Adopt 1% ​​resistor design (the flame sensor on the market is designed
with 5% resistor), the signal output is more accurate, suitable for occasions
requiring high precision measurement.
7\. Three M3 mounting holes on the board for easy installation
8.3.3V-9V power supply, compatible with most single-chip systems
9\. SMD devices are all fully automatic welded by SMT process, and the quality
of military products is trustworthy.
working principle:
This product can detect short-wave near-infrared (SW-NIR) with a range of
700-1100 nm from the flame, and output through an electrical signal (voltage

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