DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module


  1. DS18B20 Temperature Measurement Sensor
  2. Module KY 001
  3. HW-477 DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module in Pakistan


  • DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module

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DS18B20 Temperature Sensor is suitable for the cold storage, granaries, storage tanks, telecommunications room, electric power room, cable trough, and other temperature measurement and control areas; bearing, cylinder, textile machinery, air conditioning, and other small space industrial equipment temperature and control; , Refrigerator, freezer, and low-temperature drying oven, etc. heating/cooling pipe calorie measurement, central air conditioning household thermal energy measurement and industrial temperature measurement and control and Many more..

DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module Features:

  1. Digital signal output
  2. 18B20 Temperature Sensor Chip
  3. Resolution adjustment ranges from 9-12 bytes.
  4. Send data via a pin
  5. Temperature measurement ranges: -55°C to +125°C, be accurate to 0.5°C.

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