DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope Kit 2.4″ TFT Assembled

DSO138 Digital Oscilloscope Kit 2.4″ TFT Handheld Pocket-size DIY Parts Electronic Learning Set.


  • Product Description:

  • Digital DIY oscilloscope uses ARM Cortex-M3 processor and contains a 2.4-inch color TFT display, which can be used as an ARM development test board.
  • Let you effectively observe and measure signal waveforms in many occasions such as audio, video synchronization, low-frequency switching power supply, infrared receiving and transmitting.
  • Can make a tailor-made software development on the basis of this kit, which can be can be changed to millivoltmeter, data recorder, etc.
  • The variety of components is suitable for students to understand the oscilloscope structure and principles, and do in-line component welding, and chip component welding training.
  • The oscilloscope kit is a kit specially designed for professional teaching and training in electronics.

Maximum Real-time Sampling Rate: 1Msps
Accuracy: 12Bit
Sampling Buffer Depth: 1024 bytes
Analog Bandwidth: 0-200KHz
Vertical Sensitivity: 10mV / Div – 5V / Div (1-2-5 progressive manner)
Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Maximum Input Voltage: 50Vpp (1: 1 probe), 400Vpp (10: 1 probe)
Coupling Modes: DC / AC / GND
The Horizontal Time Base Range: 10μs / Div – 50s / Div (1-2-5 progressive manner)
Supply Voltage: DC 9V
Oscilloscope Circuit Boards
PCB size: 117 X 76mm / 4.6 X 3in
Screen size: 52 X 40mm / 2 X 1.57in

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