Light Sensor BH1750 Module for Arduino in Pakistan

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  1. BH1750.
  2. Digital Light intensity Sensor Module.
  3. For Arduino.
  4. Power Input 3V-5V.



Light Sensor BH1750 Module description:

Light Sensor BH1750 Module for Arduino Digital Light intensity Sensor Module For Arduino input Voltage 3V-5V in Pakistan.
Size: 13.9mm X 18.5mm;
Power supply: 3-5v;
Data range: 0-65535;
The sensor has a built-in 16bit AD converter;
Direct digital output, omitting complex calculations, omitting calibration;
Does not distinguish between ambient light sources;
a spectral characteristic close to visual sensitivity;
High-precision measurement of 1 lux for a wide range of brightness;

Light Sensor BH1750 Module About this item:

  • Digital light intensity detecting Module.
  • Chip: BH1750FVI.
  • Power supply :3-5V .
  • Data range: 0-65535.
  • Sensor built-in 16bit AD converter.
  • Digital Light Intensity Sensor Module 3V-5V.
  • FVI sensor is design to add ambient light sensing to LCD displays in cars, cameras, mobile phones and similar equipment. for automatically controlling the backlight dimming of the displays.  The fact that the output is directly readable in Lux (lx) makes it useful in a number of light sensing applications.

    The sensor is design to detect the light spectrum visible to the human eye with peak sensitivity at 560nm which is in the green spectrum.  The full range spans approximately 400nm to 700nm.

    BH1750 Module Schematic

    The sensor works well with most white visible light including the sun, incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and white LED lighting. It has good UV and IR rejection.

    The GY-30 module incorporates a 3.3V regulator and can be power from either 3.3V or 5V.

    The I2C has logic level shifting circuitry to make the module compatible with both 3.3V and 5V logic.  The SDA pin uses a MOSFET for level translation since it is a bi-directional signal.  the SCL pin uses a diode / resistor to level shift since it is uni-directional.

    The Address line has a 1K pull-down resistor on the module so that the I2C address defaults to 0x23 if the pin is left unconnect.  If the address line is pulled HIGH, the address is 0x5C.

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