PH Sensor Module For Arduino in Pakistan


  1. Liquid PH Value Detection detect Sensor Module
  2. Monitoring Control for Arduino BNC Electrode Probe



PH Sensor For Arduino

Sensor For Arduino PH Sensor Module For Arduino in Pakistan , Heating voltage: 5 ± 0.2V (AC · DC) Working current: 5-10mA Detectable concentration range:

PH0-14 Detection Temperature range: 0-80 ° Response time:

≤5S Settling Time: ≤60S Component Power:

≤0.5W Working temperature: -10 ~ 50 ° (nominal temperature 20 °) Humidity: 95% RH (nominal humidity 65% RH)

Module Size: 42mm × 32mm × 20mm Output: analog voltage signal output With 4pcs M3 Mounting Holes.

Package included: 1pcs Liquid PH0-14 Value Detect Test Sensor Module 1pcs PH Electrode Probe Hydroponic Sensor BNC Interface

PH Sensor For Arduino PH Sensor Module For Arduino in Pakistan

PH Sensor For Arduino

pH sensor is one of the most essential tools that’s typically use for water measurements. This type of sensor is able to measure the amount of alkalinity and acidity in water and other solutions. When used correctly, pH sensors are able to ensure the safety and quality of a product and the processes that occur within a wastewater or manufacturing plant.

In most cases, the standard pH scale is represent by a value that can range from 0-14. When a substance has a pH value of seven, this is considered to be neutral. Substances with a pH value above seven represent higher amounts of alkalinity whereas substances with a pH value that’s lower than seven are believe to be more acidic. For instance, toothpaste typically comes with a pH value of 8-9. On the other hand, stomach acid has a pH value of two.

The difference between an alkaline substance and an acidic substance is very important for any company that uses a cooling tower, boiler, manufacturing processes, swimming pool control, and various types of environmental monitoring.

The human body has a standard pH level of 7.4, which is essential for the body to run effectively. If the composition of the body every becomes too acidic or overly alkaline, it will look to return to the neutral state.


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