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Time Delay Module Timer Controller JZ-501


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  1. One Relay Module
  2. XY-J02 time delay
  3. Power Cut Off Trigger delay Cycle Timing Circuit Switch.


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Time Controller Kit 12v description:

One way relay module, time delay power cut off, trigger delay cycle timer circuit switch. 0.1 second (min) ~999 min (max) continuous tunable This product is simple and easy to use, powerful, but please buyers in detail to see the operation instructions of this product, very practical products.

  1. Operating voltage: 6-30V, support micro USB 5.0V power supply
  2. Trigger signal source: Active-high (3.0V-24V), have optocoupler isolation, can improve the system’s anti-jamming capability (customers can also short common ground).
  3. Output capability: Can control the device within DC 30V 5A or AC 220V 5A.
  4. Quiescent current: 20mA;
  5. Operating current: 50mA
  6. Service life: more than 10 million times
  7. Working temperature: -40°c ~ 85 °c
  8. Dimension: 62×38×17mm.
  9. With optocoupler isolation, enhance anti-jamming capability, industrial-grade board. The parameter setting will be store forever when power is off.

Time Controller Kit 12v Features

you can set different parameters of OP, CL and LOP, which are independent of each other. 6. all set parameters automatically save the power. Work model: After the P1: signal is trigger, the relay will lead to OP time and then disconnect; in OP time, the following operations are perform.

P1.1: signal re – trigger invalid

P1.2: the signal triggers the time again

P1.3: the signal is trigger again, the relay is disconnect, and the timer is stop.

P-2: to trigger the signal, the relay disconnects the CL time, the relay conducts OP time, and after the timer is complete, the relay is disconnect.

P3.1: after the trigger signal is trigger, the relay opens the time of OP, the relay disconnects the CL time, and then circulate the above action, the relay is given again the signal, the relay is disconnect and the timing is stop; the cycle times (LOP) can be set;

P3.2: after power on, there is no need to trigger the signal, en.wikipedia.org the relay can lead OP time, the relay disconnects CL time, circulate the above actions, and the number of cycles (LOP) can be set.

P-4: if the signal has a trigger signal, the timing is zero, the relay is kept open; when the signal is disappearing, the relay is broken

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