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XM-26 Digital Controller for Automatic Egg Incubator

XM-26 Controller controls the temperature , humidity , egg turning and ventilation of incubator automatically and precisely . This controller can be used in any application where temperature and humidity controlling is required.



XM26 Digital Automatic Controller Description:

XM26 Digital Automatic Controller automatic multifunctional hatcher controller developed and produced  by our Company, with the world popular microcomputer control system.

II. Main technical indices 

1. Temperature display range: 0~99°c

2. Temperature measurement precision: ±0.1°c

3. Humidity display range: 0—99%RH

4. Humidity control precision: ±3%RH

5.Output channels: 7-channel

6. Output current: 10A for temperature control and low temperature

and 1A for others

7. Number of egg turning: max. 999

8. Egg turning cycle: adjustable between 0 ~999 minutes(90 minutes at factory)

9. Time of egg turning: adjustable between 0 ~999 seconds

(180 seconds at factory)

10. Ventilation period: 0 ~999 minutes (adjustable, 0 hour at factory, without


11. Ventilation time: 0 ~999 seconds (adjustable, 30 seconds at factory)

12. Length of measurement line: About 2 meters


XM26 Digital Automatic Controller Working conditions:


1. Number of egg turning: max. 999
2. Egg turning cycle: adjustable between 0 ~999 minutes (90 minutes at factory)
3. Time of egg turning: adjustable between 0 ~999 seconds (180 seconds at factory)
4. Ventilation period: 0 ~999 minutes (adjustable, 0 hour at factory, without ventilation)
5. Ventilation time: 0 ~999 seconds (adjustable, 30 seconds at factory)
6. Length of measurement line: About 2 Meters


1.Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency

2.Full automatically temperature controlling

3.Full automatically humidity controlling

4.Full automatically eggs turning

5. Full automatically alarming

6.Full automatically ventilator

7.Back emergency system Temperature display range0~99°c Temperature measurement precision±0.1°c Humidity display range0—99%RH Humidity control precision±3%RH Working voltage AC 160V~240V,50HZ Length of measurement line About 2 meter Ambient temperature-10°c~60°c Relative humidity below 85% Ventilation time0 ~999 seconds (adjustable, default 15 seconds at factory) Ventilation period0 ~999 minutes (adjustable, default 120 minutes )

  1. Output lines6 lines (heating , refrigeration (aeration),egg turning , humidifying ,fan , light ) Output current heating AC220v /8A,fan AC220v /5A, egg turning AC220v /5A, humidifying AC12v /0.2A,Refrigeration DC 12v /0.4A, light DC5V/0.1A.

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