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1200W DC-DC Constant Current Boost Converter

1200W DC-DC Constant Current Boost Converter Step-up Power Module LED Driver 10-60V to 12-83V.


Product description:

This is a DC-DC constant current boost converter power supply module with DC 10-60V voltage input and DC 12V-83V output voltage. The input and output of the module are designed with screw terminals for convenient wire connection or disconnection. Besides, it equipped with a big heat sink and cooling fan for better dissipation which can help your project a lot. You can also use the module as a driver for high power LED lights or voltage regulator for solar panels.

Type: Non-isolated boost module
Input Voltage: DC10V to 60V
Max Input Current: 20A (could reach 25A at 12V-24V when adding cooling fan)
Quiescent Current: 15mA(will increase when convert 12V to 20V)
Output Voltage: 12V to 83V(continuously adjustable, default 19V)
Max Output Current: 18A (related to the input and output voltage difference, the greater voltage difference is, the smaller output current will be. please enhance heat dissipation when current is over 10A)
Constant Current Range: 0.5A to 18A(+/-0.3A)
Reverse Input Protection: Yes (150A MOS)
Lower Voltage Protection: Yes (9V to 50V adjustable)
Temperature Control Fan: Yes (Fan starts to work if more than 55℃)
Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 85℃(if temperature is too high, please enhance heat dissipation)
Frequency: 150KHz
Conversion Efficiency: 92% to 97% (Efficiency is related to input/output voltage, current and voltage difference. The smaller difference is, the higher efficiency will be)
Input Over-current Protection: Yes (automatically protect when input is more than 25A, and power supply voltage will not increase)
Short Circuit Protection: Yes (input 30A fuse)
Wiring Method: Terminals (Please use large current copper wire)

20A Booster Dc to DC Step up DC-DC Step up

Size: 130×64×52mm / 5.12×2.52×2.04″

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