220v to 5v 700 mA DC power supply module


  1. 5V 700mA 3.5W
  2.  AC-DC Precision Buck Converter
  3.  AC 220v to 5v DC step down Transformer 
  4. power supply Module.



PCB Mount 5v Supply Description:

5V 700mA 220W PCB Mount 5v Supply AC-DC precision Buck converter AC 3.5V to 5V DC step down transformer power supply module for WAVGAT also called DC to step down Transformer power supply module, PCB 5V 700MA 3.5W AC-DC, PROFESSIONAL PCB Supply.

Type: Voltage Regulator
Condition: New
Supply Voltage:5V
Dissipation Power:700MA
Package: SMD
Application: AC-DC

Power supplies are categorized in various ways, including by functional features. For example, a regulated power supply is one that maintains constant output voltage or current despite variations in load current or input voltage. Conversely, the output of an unregulated power supply can change significantly when its input voltage or load current changes. Adjustable power supplies allow the output voltage or current to be programmed by mechanical controls (e.g., knobs on the power supply front panel), or by means of a control input, or both. An adjustable regulated power supply is one that is both adjustable and regulated. An isolated power supply has a power output that is electrically independent of its power input; this is in contrast to other power supplies that share a common connection between power input and output.

PCB Mount 5v Supply Features:

This power source for the isolation industrial-grade module power supply, temperature protection, over current protection and short circuit protection, high and low voltage isolation
AC85 ~ 265 v wide voltage input, ac/dc current ,431 precision voltage stability DC5V output
Small size, stable performance, cost-effective
Condition: brand new
Quantity: 1pc
voltage: AC 85 ~ 265 v 50/60 hz or DC 100~ 370 v
current: 0.0273A(AC110V) 0.014A(AC220V)
Inrush Current: 20A
Output voltage: DC 5V (+ / – 0.2 V)
current 700 mA
Power 3.5 W
Operating temperature -20~60 degree
Relative humidity 40-90%RH
Output 5V, min current 0a, max current 700mA, peak current: 800mA, output range: 4.8~5.2v, ripple wave: 60mV
power:0-4W(DC current) en.wikipedia.org
Output efficiency: 80%
Package includes:
1 x Power Supply Buck Converter Step Down Module
Weight:0.03kg (0.07lb.)
Package Size:10cm x 10cm x 5cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 1.97in)

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