Joystick Shield Expansion Board

lot Joystick Shield Expansion Board Joystick Keyboard and Mouse Functions.



Product description

Arduino Joy Stick  Shield has a PS2 button with a joystick, and 4 round buttons, two small buttons. Arduino provides a joystick and key input extension.
The onboard switch can be switched between 3.3V and 5V, and can be used for other 3.3V microcontrollers such as STM32.
With nRF24L01 RF interface and Nokia 5110 LCD interface, easy to secondary development of the game.
Note: The Nokia 5110LCD using this rocker extension does not support the official version of the Arduino development board.
The reason is that the official version of the development board in the 3.3V drive current provided by only 50mA, can not support the Nokia5110 LCD backlight required voltage, this development board is the official version of the improved version, 3.3V provides maximum 8800mA drive current, far More than Nokia 5110 need.

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