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ZB2L3 HW-586 Battery Capacity Tester Module For 18650 Battery

About this item

  • When the value is large, it is switched by decimal point shift. When it is less than 10Ah, it will be displayed as X.XXX, when it reaches more than 10Ah, it will be displayed as XX.XX, and so on.
  • Circuit board size: 50mmX37mm
  • Finished product size: 50mmX37mmX17mm (Length X Width X Height, including copper foot height)
  • Weight of board and accessories: single board 28g (including copper pillar), two 5W ceramic resistors 9g, 50W resistor about 27g (including wire)



Product Description:

Power supply voltage: DC4.5-6V (micro USB connector) ZB2L3 HW-586 Battery Capacity Tester
Operating Current: less than 70mA
Discharge voltage: 1.00V-15.00V 0.01V resolution
Termination voltage range: 0.5-11.0V
Support by current: 3.000A 0.001A resolution
voltage measurement error: 1% + 0.02V
 current measurement error: 1.5% + – 0.008A
 battery capacity range: 9999Ah (1Ah = 1000mAh) greater value by shifting the decimal point to switch, when the display is less than 10Ah X.XXX, as shown above to achieve 10Ah XX.XX, and so on.
Board size: 50mmX37mm
Material: Electrical components
Color: See pictures
ZB2L3 battery capacity tester discharge type 1.2-12        V external load capacity of the battery and other tests 18650
Tools, single-function, by controlling the load off and get real-time integrated discharge current capacity results
Maximum support 15V 3A discharged through the discharge voltage and current, itself does not discharge
Maximum capacity statistics support 9999Ah (9999000mAh)
Automatically identify and develop appropriate battery termination voltage can also be manually adjust


1. The first test should be fully charged battery. ZB2L3 HW-586 Battery Capacity Tester
2. Connect the battery to be tested positive to positive input, a negative input to the negative, can not be revers (with load reversal may damage the circuit)! Load connect to the output of the positive and negative output, to work through the tester micro USB power supply , then the battery voltage.
3. Direct start test need only one press of the “OK” button, the tester can automatically develop an appropriate termination voltage of the battery full charge voltage, and will start flashing after the test three times. Need to develop artificial termination voltage only when the battery voltage display state by pressing “+” or “-” buttons to modify the termination voltage display beginning with P, behind the representative voltage resolution 0.1V, set up after pressing the “OK “start testing.
4. After the start of the test the tester, will control the load of the electronic switch is turn on, the test data shows that the process will release capacity (Ah), current discharge current (A) and battery voltage (V) between the wheel was. When the battery voltage reaches the set cut-off voltage, load control switches off the tester display data stays in capacity (Ah) and above and the corresponding indicator flashes quickly together, now displays the actual capacity of the battery is discharging capacity, about the press “OK” to terminate flashing allows stable data display, press again “OK” button to return to the power-on state can just replace the battery test the next section …

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