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1602 Blue LCD Display Module DC 5V

1602 LCD Display Module DC 5V 16×2 Character LCM Blue Black light.


Product description

Voltage: 5V DC
LCD display type: Characters
Module dimension: 80mm x 35mm x 11mm

1602 standard 16-pin interface, including:
Pin 1: VSS is the ground power.
2 feet: VDD then 5V positive power supply.
3 feet: V0 LCD contrast adjustment end, then the positive power supply when the contrast is the weakest, the highest contrast when grounded power, the contrast is too high will have a “ghosting”, when used by a 10K potentiometer to adjust the contrast.
4 feet: RS for the register selection, high-level data register selection, low-level instruction register selection.
5 feet: R / W for the read and write signal lines, high-level read operation, low-level write operation.
6th foot: E end is enable end, when E end jumps from high level to low level, the liquid crystal module carries out the order.
7 ~ 14 feet: D0 ~ D7 for the 8-bit bidirectional data lines.
15 feet: the positive power supply backlight
16th foot: backlight power negative

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