LiitoKala Lii 500 Lithium Battery Charger 18650/26650 in Pakistan


Model Liitokala Lii-500
Features 4 independent charging channels detection capacity battery  large LCD display  5V USB output
Used batteries 1.2 V NiMH battery  aa  aaa — lithium-ion battery 26650/22650/26500/18650/18490/17670/17500/17355/16340/14500/10440



LiitoKala Lii 500 Lithium Battery Charger

LiitoKala Lii 500 Lithium Battery Charger Four charging current regulator(300mA/500mA700mA/1000mA)
Batteries of different specifications can be charged
The charger use one independent LED screen, the volt, current, time, capacity and
Internal resistance Parameter can be seen apparently.
In the CHARGE mode, each channel works independently. Can choose different
current and battery to charge, such as Lithium-ion and NI-MH battery.
In the FAST TEST mode, four channels can quickly detect the battery
capacity. Lithium-ion battery and NI-MH battery can work independently. There are two
processes for the rapid detection of battery capacity, one is discharging, another is full

Specific parameters

1.DC input voltage:12V/2.0A
2.Lithium battery charging current:300mah/500mah/700mah/1000mah(4.2V)
3.NI-MH charging current:300mah/500mah/700mah/1000mah(1.48V)
4.Rechargeable battery specifications: 18650/26650/14500/AA/AAA
5.Discharging current:250mah/500mah
6.USB output: 5V—1000mah
7.Termination mode: Intelligent voltage monitoring
8.Dimensions: 162(length)*96(width)*36(height)mm

LiitoKala Battery Charger Lii 500 Lithium 18650/26650 in Pakistan

LiitoKala Lii 500 Lithium Battery Charger:

In the NOR TEST mode, there are three steps in the process of detecting the battery

capacity(charging fully, discharging and then charging fully)

CHARGE mode, FAST TEST mode and NOR TEST mode can work
simultaneously(set charging dependently/quickly detecting the battery
capacity/Normally detecting capacity)
8.Series of protection functions: over-charging and over-discharging/short
circuit/activation without any volt/charging between 1.65V-2.2V/Intelligently recognize
the bad battery/protecting the reversed battery
9.With the standard USB 5V/1000mA output function/Complete USB output from one
lithium batteries to four lithium batteries/NI-MH battery can not with USB output
10.Equipped with the specialized power adapter. DC input voltage: 12V/2A.LiitoKala Battery Charger Lii 500 Lithium 18650/26650 in Pakistan


1.This charger can only charge Cylindrical lithium-ion and NI-MH battery. Lithium iron
phosphate battery is unavailable.
2.Please refer to the instructions carefully before use, pay attention to the recommended
battery charging current, do not exceed the recommended charging current.
3.Do not use other power adapter.
4.There is a little fever when the charger is charging and discharging, but it is a normal
5.Unplug the power and pull out the battery when you stop using the charger.
6.Only indoor use normally.
7.The product measured data for reference only


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