XH-M604 Battery Charger Controller DC 6-60V in Pakistan


  1. XH-M604 Battery Charger Control Module
  2. DC 6-60V
  3. Storage Lithium Battery
  4. Switch Protection Board Controller



XH-M604 Battery Charger Controller

After the voltage is set XH-M604 Battery Charger Controller, the main board controls one of the chargers from the relay to control the output of the charger.

( 12-24V battery is universal.

Because the battery

Discharge below 12V after normal discharge, 10.8V is the voltage reference value to be charge, and the stop voltage is set to 14.4V.

Exceeding the set stop voltage value, the relay will cut off the charger charging, no need to manually pull the charger, automatically power off, can not save energy, and can extend the battery life and prevent overshoot.

The relay has an on-off life of 100,000 times, and has a large load power, good reliability, and is safe and durable.

Applicable to solar cell new energy battery, car battery electric car battery, lead-acid battery nickel-cadmium battery nickel-hydrogen battery, lithium-ion battery polymer battery.

Apply For:6-60V MAX 80V battery.



XH-M604 Battery Charger Controller

Description Input Voltage:\

DC 6-60V Display Accuracy:

0.1V Control Accuracy:

0.1V Output Type: direct output Voltage Tolerance:

±0.1V Apply For:6-60V MAX 80V battery Dimension:81*54*18mm Use:

In the setting voltage value, start button play button raise, about stop button role to down key

1. Set the start voltage: Normal display voltage state, press to a starting voltage button ,to display the start charging voltage.

long Press the start button, digital flashes, by start and stop button, set the start charging voltage value.

2. Set Stop voltage:

Normal Voltage normal display mode, press to a Stop voltage button ,to display the Stop charging voltage. long Press the Stop button, digital flashes, by start and stop button, set the Stop charging voltage value.

3. Setting Error: Energize state while holding down the start / stop button, digital display 888, which is the factory setting. Package Included: 1 x Digital display Lead acid Battery Charge Control Module

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